Kalinganagar Coke oven & by-product plant project with capacity of 3.18Mt/a


Client: TATA Steel Limited
City of project site :Kalinganagar,India
Dates of signing contract / commissioning :

July 12h,2011

Sep.4h ,2015 ( commissioning date of the first coke oven battery of 1st phase)

Mar.30th,2016(commissioning date of the second coke oven battery and by-product plant of 1st phase)

Contents of project:

- 8x44 stamp charged coke oven battery with production 3,180,000 t/a  

  - Coal preparation and coke handling system

  - Coke oven battery

  - Coke oven machinery

  - Process equipment

  - Ventilation & air conditioning de-dusting system

  -Control system, electric system and instrumentation system.

- Gas purification plant with capacity of 180,000m3/h

  - External piping

  - Primary cooling system

  - Electric tar precipitator

  - Gas exhauster unit

  - H2S/NH3 removal unit

  - Sulfur recovery

  - Naphthalene removal unit

  - Tar-ammonia liquor separating system coal water filtering system

  - Oil depot unit
Features of major design:

- Coke making plant for Phase 1 project

 4x44 ovens stamp charged coke oven battery with chamber height of 5m (JNDK50).

- Gas purification plant for Phase 1 project

  A.S process had been applied.

Scope of contracting:
ACRE had been responsible for complete basic engineering, detailed engineering, equipment & material supply, training, commissioning and technical service.
Project Highlights:
JNDK50 type stamp charged coke oven is of twin-flue,with waste gas circulation,COG under-jet,BFG gunning,compound coke oven. The coke oven is charaterized by its reasonable and tight structure,uniform heating and higher heating efficiency,etc. The Nox in the waste gas will be reduced with the design of waste gas circulation.

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