Active lime project for Panzhihua Iron & Steel group Co., Ltd’s Xichang Vanadium & Titanium Project with capacity of 0.583Mt/a


Client: Panzhihua Iron & Steel group Co
City of project site :Panzhihua, China
Dates of signing contract / commissioning :

Sep.16th ,2010/ Nov.6th ,2011

Contents of project:

The scope of project with capacity of 0.583 Mt/a for this project shall mainly include lime production system, lime conveying system, rotary kiln, etc, auxiliary production facilities including facilities of general layout, plant roads and environmental measures, wastewater treatment station, water supply & circulating system, communication system, instrumentation and process automatic facilities, de-dusting & ventilation facilities, power supply & distribution system etc.

Features of major design:

1. Rotary kiln with vertical preheaters had been provided and heat consumption of lime will be below 5,024KJ with the aid of application of special refractory material in the vertical preheaters.

2. High automatic level with PLC

Scope of contracting:

ACRE had been responsible for this project based on Engineering + Procurement and Construction:

- Basic design and detailed design

- Procurement & Manufacture of Equipment & Material

- Construction , installation of Process equipment, testing of parameters, training of operational personnel test run, etc.

Project Highlights:

This project had included two rotary kiln with capacity of 1000t/d. The fuel of the project had been mixing gas and blast furnace injection coal. The consumption of mixing gas had been 27,778m3/h and the consumption of blast furnace injection coal had been 9,091kg/h.

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