The world’s first and largest stamp charging coke oven battery with chamber height 6.78 designed by ACRE starts heating-up

November 30, 2018

On 11:08am, November 28th, 2018, the coke oven batteries with 1.8MTPA coke capacity of Xintai Zhengda Coking Ltd, Co, Shandong Haoyu Group starts heating up officially. It shows that the commissioning of the world’s largest stamp charging coke oven battery designed by ACRE independently is coming to countdown. 

This project is the relocating type, which locates in Demonstration Zone of Circular Economy Industry, Xintai City. Its scope includes the engineering and supervision of JNDX3-6.78-13 stamp charging coke oven battery with 2×62 chambers, by product unit and auxiliary facilities. ACRE also executed CDQ and acid-making from desulfurizer liquid in EPC mode.

This project is the key construction of Xintai City. The city government and Haoyu Group did a lot of work on research on the project. Finally the coke oven battery with chamber height 6.78 meter designed by ACRE independently is applied. This coke oven is the largest, the most advanced and the best environment protection one in the world. Many technologies, such as multi-staged heating, chamber pressure stabilization system, positive pressure heating-up, automatic heating system are applied in this project. The positive pressure applied here, is the newest technology of five years’ R&D work by ACRE. This technology breaks foreign monopoly successfully, and achieves international advanced level.

The environment control of the coking project can meets the strictest environment standards of the local governments and nation after commissioning. It will become the good example and model for all the other upgrading coking projects in the future.


The stamp charging coke oven batteries with chamber height 6.78m


The general manager of ACRE, Mr Yang Zhongyi is giving speech during coke oven heating-up ceremony.


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