Hard work to quadruple production in 100 days

November 16, 2018

The upgrading 0.6 Mt and 1.2 Mt DeSOx & DeNOx units of Yongxin Coking Co., Ltd. in Shanxi were completely put into production on November 8th and 13rd, 2018, of which the performance guarantee values meet the requirements as per contract. It shows a successful commissioning of the two units by ACRE as an EPC contractor, which adopted the SDS dry DeSOx process and the SCR DeNOx process, marking a complete replacement of the outdated wet ammonia DeSOx process and ozone catalytic oxidation DeNOx process in Yongxin. Emissions of the new units are measured far lower than those of SO2 <15 mg/m3, NOX < 50 mg/Nm3, and particulate matters < 10 mg/Nm3 stipulated in the contract. The DeSOx & DeNOx units in Yongxin have met the latest requirements for environmental protection, greatly released the client from production restriction as well as pressure for environmental purpose, and been given good remarks from the client.

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