ACRE’s first overseas coke dry quenching project put into operation

November 14, 2018
At 2:58 pm, November 13th, 2018, hot coke was successfully charged into CDQ chamber for Alliance Steel (M) Sdn Bhd (ASSB). It marks the successful commissioning of ACRE’s first overseas coke dry quenching project.  Autumn, this harvesting season also belongs to a group of young fellows with enterprising spirits in ACREs Kuantan project office, who sweat, suffered, and heavily harvested a fruitful season in work on this foreign land.  At such a moment, all hard work eventually paid off.  

The MCKIP 3.5 Mt iron and steel project of ASSB plays a key part in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. In its coking project (Phase I), ACRE designed 1×150t/h CDQ unit with electricity generation, and supplied all the equipment. It is the first time that ACRE has exported overseas the CDQ technology with independent intellectual property rights.  The 6 m top charging coke oven (2×60 ovens) and a tailor-made by-products plant were also designed and partly supplied by ACRE.

At the commissioning ceremony of the CDQ unit, ASSB senior executives, highly recognized and praised  ACRE’s contribution to the engineering, material supply and on-site service in the project. They expected ACRE to keep working hard, and combine the CDQ generation system to electricity grids on schedule. They also hope that we could make the coking project of ASSB out-standing in the Belt and Road Initiative.


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