Environment protection

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Solid Waste Treatment

  • Emission Control

ACRE can provide water treatment technologies for coking waste water and municipal waste water, including standard discharging after bio-chemical treatment and recycling of further treated waste water.

Bio-chemical treatment and oxidation treatment

• A/O bio-chemical treatment technology for degrade NH3-N, phenol and cyanides, etc.

• A/O-A/O technology for improving removal of total nitrogen

• Fenton catalytic oxidation technology for further decomposition of the organic substances hard to be bio-degraded in the waste water.

Deep treatment and recycling technology

• Double-membrane process (UF+RO) for further reduction of the organic substances and removal of inorganic salts

• Adsorption technology or NF separation technology for solving the membrane blockage and aging

• MVR technology for treatment of the concentrates

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