By-products Refining

  • Coal Tar Processing

  • Aromatics Refining

The process design for refinery of coal tar under high temperature, the by-product in the process of coke making, plays an important role in ACRE’s business scope. Over the past sixty years, ACRE has not only been contracting 90% tar refinery projects in form of engineering, but also developing new technologies, including more products with high value added. By far, each unit of tar refinery system has reached capacity of 500,000 t/a, with more than 40 categories of by-products in tar refining.


Innovative technology

1Atmospheric-vacuum tar distillation

Technical featuresLow energy consumptiongas saved by 2030% compared with atmospheric distillation

2Technical naphthalene production by pressurized distillation

Technical featuresLow energy consumptiongas saved by 3040% compared with atmospheric distillation

High naphthalene recovery rate>96%

3Production of refined naphthalene, refined anthracene and refined carbazole with box-type crystallizer

Technical features

High purity products:

Refined naphthalene purity ≥99.98%

Refined anthracene purity ≥96%

Refined carbazole purity ≥95%


In addition to the above-mentioned features, it also includes technologies such as countercurrent type continuous fraction scrubbing and dephenolization, refined phenol production by atmospheric-vacuum distillation, extraction from wash oil by high-efficiency distillation, pitch refinery for producing modified pitch, mesophase pitch, delayed coke and needle coke as well as light oil production by tar fraction hydrogenation, etc. 

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